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Travel Resources

Planning your adventure through Montana’s Badlands, Breaks and Beartooths Mountains? Here, you’ll find information and advice for travel in this vast region that will help you get the most out of your epic journey.

Tips for an Exceptional Trip

Consider the time of year you'll be traveling

Seasons will dictate what kind of recreational activities are doable, what routes you can travel and what sights you might be able to see — for example, the Beartooth Highway is closed to all vehicles in winter.

Check road conditions

Before heading out on your planned travel for the day, check the road conditions on your route for any potential closures. Some roads are seasonal, like the Beartooth Highway noted above. Gravel or dirt roads may become impassable if there's been rain and some are rugged enough in general that it's not advisable to drive them unless you're in a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high clearance.

Check operating hours

Be sure to check hours of operation for any points of interest or restaurants before heading there. Some attractions and businesses operate seasonally, and even during the busier summer season, small businesses and rural museums may have limited hours. Note that some museums offer the option to make an appointment to visit at times outside normal business hours.

Gas: Fill 'er up!

Don't wait until your low-fuel light comes on to start looking around for a gas station. There are remote stretches in Montana where services are few and far between, and you can't assume there will be a station just up the road. If you start getting below a half tank, just keep an eye out for a station and take the opportunity to top off when you can.

Recharge: Electric vehicle charging stations

Speaking of filling up, you can find electric vehicle charging stations in various Montana locations. While they are currently mostly found along interstate highways, some of the smaller communities near Yellowstone National Park have public charging stations. Check out this map for up-to-date charging station locations and information.

Cell service

Traveling through Montana's wide-open spaces means going through out-of-the-way areas where you may not have cell service and internet connection. Prepare for this eventuality by making sure you have any important travel, navigation and contact information downloaded.